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Ben's Short Tips
Prototype HTML + JavaScript file.       Start Script Debugger.
JavaScript language summary.
Debugging JavaScript in Internet Explorer.
HTML and DHTML Resources
HTML Special Characters.
Microsoft [D]HTML Reference.
DHTML School, especially the examples.
DynamicDrive, especially the games section.
DHTML Filters.
JavaScript Resources on the Web
ASP Built-in Objects (IIS 6.0)
ASP Scripting Reference (IIS 6.0)
JavaScript Resources on the Web
Microsoft JScript especially the feature summary. FAQ.
JavaScript School, especially the reference and examples.
JavaScript: A tutorial "for the TOTAL non-programmer".
Thau's JavaScript Tutorial.
Book Recommendations
JavaScript Unleashed, by Richard Wagner & R. Allen Wyke
How to Think Like a Computer Scientist: Python Edition
02/27/2002The Game of Nim; Plainim
02/13/2002Life: Our DHTML/JavaScript implementation
02/06/2002Life: A speedy implementation of Conway's Game of Life
01/30/2002Bouncing Numbers
01/23/2002Brownian motion
01/23/2002More DHTML Styles
01/23/2001Project Ideas
01/16/2002Tic-Tac-Toe (one implementation)
01/16/2002Timing and DHTML (simple game framework)
11/16/2001Convert number to English prose
06/04/1998Apollor Lunar Lander Simulator

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