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This is a somewhat random collection of obscure tips that I figured out after being unable to find them quickly via Google.
See details on a problem with BlackBerry Desktop Software v3.6 Service Pack 3 (SP3) and how I got my BlackBerry 7780 to synchronize again. ;-)

Curing a Race between a Spam Filter and the BlackBerry Redirector
Problem: The BlackBerry Desktop Redirector sends spam email on to your BlackBerrry handheld before your Inbox spam filter (SpamBayes, CloudMark, etc.) can move it from the inbox to the "spam" folder. A classic "race condition"!
Solution: Add the ProcessMailDelay registry entry
Step 1. Go to Start > Run and type "regedit" and click OK.
Step 2. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software >Research In Motion > BlackBerry > Redirector. Change the value of the ProcessMailDelay entry to 30. If this value fails to address the issue, then modify the value to be 60.
Note: If the ProcessMailDelay value is not present, create it as a DWORD Value and set the Value data to Decimal 30. Step 3. close the Redirector and Desktop Manager applications, then restart both to force these changes to take effect.
How to Erase a BlackBerry Handheld Without Using a Personal Computer
Problem: You've got a BlackBerry handheld, you've upgraded to a new BlackBerry and uninstalled the old BlackBerry software, so you don't have the old desktop redirector software on your PC to use to erase the handheld. But you want to delete all those phone numbers, brokerage passwords, and other sensitive data on your old BlackBerry!
Solution: Turn on security and then enter ten different incorrect passwords.
[Note: This worked for my RIM 957 handheld. It may not work for newer versions.]
Step 1. Click on the Options icon, enable security, and type in a password (ex: asdfgh).
Step 2. Give the BlackBerry time to "secure itself".
Step 3. Type in an incorrect password (ex: 1234)
Step 4. Type in 9 more, different passwords. The BlackBerry will only count unique password attempts. Note that as you get closer to 10 attempts, it will prompt you to type in "blackberry" (I presume to prevent accidentally "unlock" attempts consisting of random impacts while it's in your pocket). Step 5. On the tenth attempt, it will warn you it is going to erase itself if you fail. Type in another incorrect password (ex: eraseme), and the BlackBerry will tell you it is erasing all data.
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