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June 20 - July 17, 2008: Italy and Copenhagen!

Our first destination was Positano, Italy. We rented Villa Maura for almost two weeks, just 1km east of the center of Positano. We took day excursions to Amalfi, Capri, Ercolana, Napoli, Pompei, and Ravello, and we enjoyed some wonderful meals at both restaurants and (especially) by Elena at Villa Maura. Our favorite restraurant was Trattoria da Gemma in Amalfi, where we ate lunch twice. We also took several long hikes and walks and enjoyed a few swims in the very salty sea. The most interesting wine discovery was the local (Campania) wines made from the Aglianico grape.

Then it was a three train, 12 hour journey from Positano to Bassano del Grappa where we embarked on the 6 day Backroads Veneto Biking trip. We rode 170 miles over the six days, stayed in several very nice small hotels, and enjoyed wonderful vistas, food, and wine.

The Backroads trip ended up in Venice, where we spent two days exploring the crowded streets, visiting a few museums, and enjoying several nice meals rich in local seafood. Corte Sconta was so good we ate there twice!

Then it was off to Copenhagen for our last four days. We visited several museums, several castles, got in some nice long walks, took a canal tour by boat, and had one of the best meals of the trip at Kong Hans Kælder.

After nearly four weeks away from home, we flew back to sunny Seattle!
   Backroads Veneto Biking
Day Miles Hours MPH
Sun 30.0 3.0 10.0
Mon 37.0 3.8 9.7
Tue 31.0 4.0 7.8
Wed 62.0 6.0 10.3
Thu 10.0 1.0 10.0
170.0 17.8 9.6

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Fri Jun-20 SEA->CPH
Sat Jun-21 CPH->CFO, Rome Airport Hilton
Sun Jun-22 Roma->Positano, Villa Maura, Dinner by Elena
Mon Jun-23 Positano walk, lunch and dinner at Villa Maura
Tue Jun-24 Amalfi walk/boat, Trattoria da Gemma
Wed Jun-25 Capri, Edode
Thu Jun-26 Swim, Montepertuso, Ristorante Il Ritrovo
Fri Jun-27 Pompei, Ravello, Ristorante Garden, VM dinner
Sat Jun-28 Swim, VM lunch, VM dinner
Sun Jun-29 Praiano walk, VM lunch, Le Sirenuse dinner, fireworks
Mon Jun-30 Herculaneum, Naples, Pizzeria F. Aiello, National Archeaological Museum, Ristorante Il San Pietro di Positano
Tue Jul-01 Hike, Santa Maria del Castello, Ristorante Zii Peppe
Wed Jul-02 A lazy day at Villa Maura
Thu Jul-03 Walking, Ristorante Da Costantino
Fri Jul-04 Amalfi, Trattoria da Gemma, packing
Sat Jul-05 Positano->Bessano del Grappa, Hotel 'Ca Sette, Pizzeria Bella Capri
Sun Jul-06 Backroads Day 1: ~30 bike miles, Asolo, Hotel Villa Cipriani
Mon Jul-07 Backroads Day 2: 37 bike miles, Follina, Hotel Abbazia, Osteria al Castelletto da Clemi
Tue Jul-08 Backroads Day 3: 31 bike miles, Ristorante Le Corte
Wed Jul-09 Backroads Day 4: 62 bike miles, Vittorio Veneto, Pasiano, Hotel Villa Luppis
Thu Jul-10 Backroads Day 5: 10 bike miles, Venice, Hotel Metropole, Osteria Olivia Nera
Fri Jul-11 Backroads Day 6: Venice, Doge's Palace, Trattoria Corte Sconta, The Met
Sat Jul-12 Gallerie dell'Accademia, Palazzo Mocenigo, Vecio Fritolin, Corte Sconta
Sun Jul-13 de Canto Wine Bar, Venice->Copenhagen, Grand Hotel, Divan 2
Mon Jul-14 Radisson SAS Royal Hotel, Kronborg Castle, Madame Sprunk, Kong Hans Kælder
Tue Jul-15 Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Rosenborg Castle, Restaurant l'Alsace
Wed Jul-16 Canal tour, Leonore Christine, artillery museum, Alberto K.
Thu Jul-17 Musik Conditoriet, Nimb, CPH->SEA

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