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Sun May-25 Tour of Evora, lunch at Jardim do Paca, 15.4 mile bike ride, Pousada N. Sra da Assuncao for lodging and dinner
After packing up and eating breakfast, we met the Backroads leaders Deb and Bruno and the rest of the backroads travelers (23 in all). Many were friends of Lee and Allen Sinai, and there were many Northwestern connections. The most surprising fact was that one of the women on the trip had been in 7th grade with Henry Bienen!

We took a 1.5 hour ride on a charter bus to Evora, and Lucia toured us around the oldest part of the city. The most distinctive experience was the cave-like room whose walls were covered with human bones and skulls! We ate lunch at the Jardim do Paco, in a small courtyard. The buffet must have included every single distinctively Portugeuse dish -- yum!

Then back on the bus for half an hour to the Pousada N. Sra da Assuncao, where we checked in to our rooms, got our bikes and filled our water bottles. Even at 3:30 p.m. it was still quite hot (over 90 degrees Farenheit?), and there was the 0.5 kilometer cobblestone road to bike up out of the Pousada. We bicycled through small towns, Santana do Campo and S. Pedro Da Gafanhoeira, saw a large stork's nest (complete with stork), and then continued on our counterclockwise circuit, finishing with a reasonably steep hill back up to the entrance to the Pousada, with that 0.5 km cobblestone hill back down.

We lounged by the pool (Ben even went in for a quick dip, it was refreshingly cool), dressed for dinner, had a short wine reception in the out of doors, then enjoyed a simple dinner.

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